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International Dj Association derives directly from the International Turntablist Federation (with its headquarters in San Francisco) which was for many the international organization gathering Djs from all around the world It's main goal was to promote turntablism, that is the usage of gramophone as a music instrument. ITF had its agencies in more than 15 countries. However, in the year 2006 the federation suspended its activity for the establishment of IDA – International Dj Association with its european headquarters in Munich. Establishment of IDA was the cause of the necessary changes that were made to make the ITF competition more attractive and modern. In the year 2006, federation's agencies operating all over the world, decided to make a reform which lead to the foundation of a new organization named International DJ Association which started its activity on the January 1,2007.IDA Philippines however established by Year 2012,Which Created Turntablism Jam in Metro Manila and Sent a Dj Representative in year 2013.

Rules and regulations:

No. 1

Each IDA chapter organizes IDA National Championships. Winners represent their countries and the World Final. They compete in two categories:The Technical Category.

No. 2

It is an ordinary adaptation to the Advancement Class. Both, Juggling and Scratching must have been presented by the DJ in their sets.

No. 3

All qualified Dj’s present their 3 minutes sets. Only 4 goes to the semifinals.

No. 4

They battle each other with 2 x 2 minutes sets. The winners go to the strict final or batlle for a 3rd place (another 2 x 2 min set).

The Show Category:

Contains Teams, DJs using effect tools and DJs using Finals Scratch etc. The important thing in the Show Category is, that the competitors have to present a set, which is close to a song. The main criterion in this Category is musicality and creativity. All Dj’s / Teams present 6 minutes show. There is no battle mode in this category.